Period Correct x Super73-S1

Period Correct x Super73-S1

Hi Super Squad!

We’re stoked to announce our newest collaboration, the Period Correct x SUPER73-S1!

Period Correct is a brand that emphasizes the reimagining of a culture lost through time, heavily influenced by the aesthetics of motorsports and car enthusiasm. 

We're grateful to help bring this lost culture back to life through our latest project! 

In a blend of classic style and modern convenience, this eye-catching custom SUPER73-S1 comes with a painted deep blue frame, fenders and battery, with the Period Correct logo in silver found on the battery casing. The most notable feature is the seat, which is upholstered in a durable fabric with contrasting blue and green graphics. Additional custom items include Northshore lock-on grips from Lizard Skins as well as a set of Rascal pedals from Origin8.

The Period Correct x SUPER73-S1 is limited to 15 units available exclusively from Period Correct at tomorrow, Saturday August 28th, at 9am PST. Make sure to grab yours now if you want to own this special model as it’s guaranteed to go lightning fast!


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