The Future of Electric Sustainability is Here!

The Future of Electric Sustainability is Here!

Hey Super Squad!

Ever wondered what happens to your E-bike batteries after they've reached the end of their life cycle? 

We finally have an answer for you that's simple, sustainable, AND climate friendly!

SUPER73 is proud to be partnering with PeopleForBikes as one of the 40 industry leaders united under a sustainability task force. 

PeopleForBikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade association, has joined forces with Call2Recycle, the
largest, most reliable battery recycling program experts in the U.S., to create the bicycle industry's first industrywide E-bike recycling program in America!

This breakthrough effort will give electric bike owners a safe and reliable option when it comes to recycling their electric batteries. The days of lithium batteries being tossed in landfills are over! We're celebrating a return to proper recycling streams and safe handling!

Because industry analysts have estimated that 12 MILLION E-bikes will be sold in the United States between 2020 and 2030, this initiative is a major step towards environmentally friendly recreation and transportation.

At SUPER73, we realize that it's important that we strive to do better when it comes to sustainability and climate issues. We're taking action by helping to support and fund this crucial program, as well as helping to build a network of battery collection sites across America.

Together, we can do big things.

To find out more about PeopleForBikes and Call2Recycle, visit and 

To learn more about the sustainability task force and industrywide recycling program, you can register for un upcoming webinar by the National Bicycle Dealers Association using the link below!!event/2021/12/1/nbda-super-webinar-connecting-riders-to-e-bike-battery-recycling-a-conversation-with-call2recycle-and-peopleforbikes

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